Monday, May 28, 2007

Golf and Friends

My favorite way to rest and get away from studies is to get out and play golf. I have been blessed to be able to work at a club course next to the seminary, Myopia Hunt Club. Myopia is a world-class course which has hosted four U.S. Open tournaments (the last one in 1908). I work at Myopia as a junior golf professional. My good friend Trey Burdette, also a seminary student, and I have worked together there for a while.

I played the Black course at Bethpage during the break between spring semester and my first summer class. Dan Brown and I made the trip (we also played in a tournament in NJ the day before) during our break. Dan is a great guy with whom I share several interests: pastoral ministry-especially discipleship, motorcycles (he has a Yamaha FZ-R we are fixing up), and sports (especially golf). The U.S. Open was at Bethpage a few years ago (Tiger Woods won) and will be played there again in 2009. The photo is of us on the first tee at the Black course.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Very Active Boy

If you turn your back...

for just a minute...

you might find yourself...

not looking down,...

but UP at your child!!

Happy Mother's/Father's Day!

One More Year

May, 2007. I plan to graduate from Gordon-Conwell in one year. I will have two degrees, Lord willing: M.Div and M.A.Counseling. It has been strange watching so many of my friends, who started the M.Div with me three years ago, leaving. I'm happy for them because all of them seem to have great opportunities for their next phase of life. I'm praying and doing what I can to make our transition a smooth one as well. Right now I believe the best match for me will be to work as a pastor in a local church. I am most excited about this because I feel the unique work of a pastor will match my gifting very well. I'm also praying about serving as a chaplain for the US military. We'll see how the year goes. (bdo)