Thursday, August 30, 2007

Family Camping Trip to Maine

Our family vacation: a week in Bar Harbor, ME. We actually stayed at a place on the island called Mount Desert Narrows, a campground.

This Photo shows how we packed our Town & Country minivan: Canoe on top, bikes on back, everything else inside. Sadly, we never took out the canoe.

Acadia National Park is beautiful, and very family friendly. We went up Cadillac Mountain two times, but not in the morning for a sunrise. Our excuse was that it might be overcast. Also, we all needed our sleep.

But we did bike and hike all over. You can see our friends the Jaegers in this photo. We were on a hike to Otter Point. Benjamin was on my back and we kept calling out to the otters: "Orff...Orff." The Jaegers are good friends, they came up and camped at the site next to ours for three days.

Acadia has these carriage trails that run all over the place. They're perfect for modest mountain biking. Here are some other photos of our trip:

The day we biked around Eagle Lake.

Benjamin, just chillin'

Sand Beach

Atlantic Ocean, from a hike

Hunting Otters

Yes, Ben wore that sweatshirt everyday.